Rimrock Kia wants you to know how important it is to take that chip in your windshield seriously. Your windshield is made to withstand a lot, but a chip can destroy its integrity if you are not careful. You want to get that chip repaired to help avoid it shattering on you one day.

You will want to know that small chips can typically be repaired quite easily. However, large chips will often mean that you need to replace the windshield in its entirety. This is an expensive proposition all because you failed to act quickly when the chip first appeared.

Getting a chip repaired only takes about 30 minutes out of your day. A liquid resin will be applied to the area, bonding the chip back to the windshield. The result will be that you will no longer see the chip. Only a small blemish may be noticeable and it is much cheaper in the end.

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