Drivers can get in trouble even when they are steering properly. The good news is that modern technology can intervene in steering issues such as understeer and oversteer.

Understeer happens when the vehicle doesn't respond fast enough to the driver's attempts to turn the steering wheel. Front-wheel drive cars are more likely to try to stay straight despite the driver's commands. Oversteer is more likely with rear-wheel drive, but it can happen with four-wheel or front-wheel drive. The driver turns the wheel just a little, but the vehicle doesn't have good grip on the road, and the rear fishtails. The driver must act quickly to correct their trajectory.

Rimrock Kia encourages you to learn how our vehicles can reduce these problems. Modern traction controls can correct for oversteer by braking the wheels that need it. Lane departure warnings can help you stay on the road and in your lane in Billings.


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